We live by the phrase "The More You Know The Less Taxes You Owe".  

As a CPA it is my lifelong duty to assist other with their financial needs. Our world is evolving everyday with technology, however when it comes to taxes, having a good relationship with your accountant is a key component to your success.

We provide you with enthusiastic, personal support and tax strategizing. Our US filing process is secure, precise, responsive, and exacting to your needs.

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Our Services

Crypto Tax

It's important to work with someone who knows the industry to file your crypto taxes correctly and according to code

Financial coaching

Pursue a confident retirement through financial planning, investment management and estate planning with our Financial Coach.

tax strategy

The fastest way to put money in your pocket, is to reduce your taxes with a tax strategy. Our creative tax strategies have one over-riding objective – to increase your wealth.

estate planning

A CPA can bring his or her knowledge of taxes to the table to ensure you create a proper estate plan that minimizes the taxes and maximizes the portion of your estate that will be passed down to your beneficiaries.

business consulting

 We have a wide range of consulting services designed to improve your business planning and operations, boost efficiency and strengthen your bottom line.

trust formation

We offer assistance with estate planning including the creation of trusts as well as guidance regarding preparation of wills. We consult with outside attorneys selected or approved by you who are qualified to draft estate and trust legal documents while we offer our financial and tax input.


As a CPA, we offer clients incorporation services by partnering with an online legal filing service. We help you with ensuring trust formation paperwork is done correctly and will be processed smoothly.


We handle every return as if it were our own to maximize your tax deductions. We ensure your tax return is prepared accurately and understand that the tax code is a mile wide and an inch deep.

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Speak directly with the source to not only advise you on what to do, but also make it happen.  

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Our team

Lorenzo Abbatiello

Founder and Principal

Lorenzo Abbatiello is a CPA with over 10 years of Accounting experience and working with some of the largest companies in the world. Today with CPA Wealth Builders he prefers working with individuals and using the tax code to legally keep more of his clients hard earned money in their hands. With family values as a personal cornerstone, a mission for the company is to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional service. We do this by educating them on our process and keeping up to date with the latest news that related to the financial house.


Wealth Manager

For 10 Year Sophia was a partner at Bellevue Investment Group, a boutique firm in Newport, RI. In 2014, she sold the practice to one of the largest financial planning firms in Boston, MA. From 2014 to 2020 Sophia donated her time to wounded veterans helping them improve their finances and start-up businesses. She is still active today serving our veterans through vetshub.org a hybrid non-profit. Today she enjoys working with small groups of clientele implementing creative ways to build financial legacy to their families, while minimizing their tax exposure.

Nicholas Pacheco

Insurance Specialist

Nicholas H. Pacheco, CLTC is a Financial Services Representative with over eighteen years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry. Fully licensed in seven states, Nicholas began serving his clients out of a sincere desire to help individuals and families plan for and attain their financial goals. He focuses his practice on efficient retirement income and legacy planning, with an emphasis on building and using tax-free wealth. His clients consider him a trustworthy, caring, and reliable expert, whose hard work and superior service leads to exceeding clients’ goals and expectations.



I am extremely happy with the service I received from Lorenzo. He made himself available to knowledgeably answer all of my numerous tax questions (as a first time homeowner) and he got me the biggest return I’ve ever had. I highly recommend!

Devan Gould

I’d like to start by saying I’ve done my own taxes for years and it was always a stressful time. Yes, some tax websites make it awfully easy to file, but there’s nothing like having a real authentic person walking you through each step of the process to ensure correctness. His knowledge extends well passed accounting only and this plays into the extremely high quality of service Lorenzo is able to provide. Very thankful for all the help and knowledge he’s given me through our time working together.

Sydney Peverly IV

Lorenzo is professional, personable and responsive. He made my first time doing taxes with him simple and straightforward. I love that he not only does taxes, but also provides valuable and relevant tax information to his clients. I Definitely would recommend giving him a try.

Joanne Alvarado

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 Frequently asked questions

We break our year into quarters. When we do taxes with our clients Q1-Q2 is focused on gathering all your tax documents and preparing your return to completion. Q3 is focused on education. We take the time to meet with every client and discuss their tax return and any suggestions we have for improving in the coming year. Q4 is meant for tax strategy. Developing the strategy and implementing it according to our goals.

We have a policy to never charge for phone calls. As your CPA we strive to be their to answer any questions that you have. In life we all need guidance, especially surrounding major events. We are here each step of the way to direct you in the right direction. 

We have a scheduling service where you can book time directly in our calendar with a Tax professional

Every person's financial situation is unique and different. Costs depend on the complexity of your situation. Nevertheless, we are here to provide the best service possible and a quick call away to answer any questions.

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